HCYC in Vancouver Island, on Englishman River Bridge, over the Falls 1st August 2014

"The choir are fantastic. There is no other word to describe them - and that is the result of all the dedication and effort that is put in…"

A member of the audience at a concert, with Dame Emma Kirkby

At the Parliament Building, Victoria, capital of British Columbia

Inspiring musical development with the Hampshire County Youth Choir!

A choir for young people in Hampshire...

On the following pages you’ll find information and photographs concerning our musical activities in Hampshire, and further afield. You will also find out about our regular rehearsal times and any upcoming concert dates. Drop in and join us!

For the last twenty years, the Hampshire County Youth Choir has provided a wonderful vehicle for choral singing. As part of the Hampshire Music Service, a leading and award-winning music service in the UK, we are always happy to welcome new members to our choir, and new members of the audience to our concerts! Hundreds of young people between the ages of 13 and 21 have benefitted from their participation in this choir. In exceptional cases membership of younger singers is given serious consideration.


There are no auditions for membership of this choir. 


Membership of the Hampshire County Youth Choir is open to any young person who is:

  • aged between 13 and 21 (In exceptional cases membership of younger singers is given serious consideration)
  • lives in Hampshire or is in full or part-time education in Hampshire
  • enthusiastic about and enjoys singing
  • committed to attending practices on Friday evenings
  • prepared to work towards learning choir music, over a reasonable period of time.

If you would like to join the choir, send us a message on our Contact page.


Members of HCYC who wish to join the Hampshire County Youth Chamber Choir do have to audition and should apply to Keith or Amy.


Cathedral Grove 2009!

We regularly give concerts throughout Hampshire, and have also thrilled audiences further afield in England, mainland Europe and on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. If you would like to come and hear us, check out the details for our next performance. You will be very warmly welcomed!